How will Emily Ratajkowski "protect" her son from the "toxic masculinity culture"-Inquisitr

2021-12-08 05:37:37 By : Mr. Allen Lin

Her son Sylvester Apollo Bear is less than 9 months old, but Emily Ratajkowski has already considered in advance what kind of education to give the child. Talking about her new book, My Body in an interview magazine recently, the 30-year-old supermodel, entrepreneur and author finally discussed motherhood and gender issues with the philosopher Amia Srinivasan.

Ratajkowski made it clear that she takes her parental duties very seriously and plans to raise "Sly" very carefully. Among other things, she also stated that she intends to "protect" her son from the "toxic masculinity culture". Influence.

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Fans who are familiar with Ratajkowski's essay and the sensitive topics covered by it know that this supermodel examines the culture of "toxic masculinity" from a professional and personal standpoint on the pages of his book. Discussing this concept with the interview from the mother's perspective, she said that she wanted to protect her son from it, just like she would protect her daughter.

"I also think that the kind of culture I wrote in the book is very bad for men. Some books tell how bad it is for men. I have seen it in my life and it limits the way men can, And how when they have to adopt this toxic masculinity, their existence and life can be frustrating," Ratajkowski said.

One child’s mother added: “Therefore, I also feel very protective of him, just like a daughter, coming from this culture.”

Ratajkowski studied more deeply how she planned to protect her son from "toxic masculinity," and she admitted: "I don't have an answer, but I thought about it the moment I knew I had a son."

"The best thing I can do is to teach him compassion and that men don't have to check these power dynamics like women do, to make him aware of them and let him care about them," she told Srinivasan. "How will this happen? I'm not entirely sure."

Below are a few photos taken by Ratajkowski and Baby Sly for the magazine. The baby's father and Ratajkowski's husband, independent film producer Sebastian Bear-McClard, also appeared in the background of the first photo.

Although Ratajkowski couldn't wait to share the good news she was looking forward to, and announced on Instagram three days after the incident that she would become a mother, she and her husband kept delaying revealing the baby's gender until he was born.

In an article written for Vogue in October 2020, the models explained their choices when they officially confirmed their pregnancy.

"When my husband and I told friends that I was pregnant, their first question after'congratulations' was almost always'Do you know what you want?' We like to respond by saying that we won't know the gender of the baby until Our children are 18 years old, and then they will let us know," she wrote.

Ratajkowski went on to tell Elle later that although she wanted a daughter at first, she "sighed a sigh of relief" because having a little girl would be "sexy before puberty"-this is something Ratajkowski is very familiar with, as she reads in the book As explained in detail.

Talking about the "genderless qualities" of babies in an interview, Ratajkowski admitted that people treat Sly differently because he is a boy.

"My sons, darlings, they have this genderless quality, so I like to provide him with this quality now. I have always regarded him as a wonderful little person who was introduced to the world," she said.

Ratajkowski continued: "Actually, I noticed that once people know he is a boy, the way they interact with him is different from the way they interact with a baby girl."

The new mother expressed her "frustration" with this fact, she said: "I think there is even a tendency to throw a little boy into the air and treat them more rudely than a little girl. These things have been troubled. I am, because I can see its leading position."