Miley Cyrus Celebrates Billboard Achievement-Inquisitr

2021-12-08 05:37:27 By : Mr. France Chen

This is awards season and Miley Cyrus is very busy. Although the rock star recently eliminated the Grammys for neglecting her 2020 album "Plastic Hearts," another music industry giant also recognized her talent. 2021 is a great year for Prisoners singers, from selling out concerts to reporting on major magazines.

This year is coming to an end, but her achievements are far from over. It seems that congratulations go to the 29-year-old again.

Last month, Cyrus appeared in W magazine and made his debut with the new face of Gucci Flora perfume. Now, Hannah Montana's alum is on the famous list again, and in time. Miley is the cover girl of Forbes' 30 under 30 special issue.

Miley is less than a year away from disqualification, and this honor is a huge feat for the actress. She expressed the same meaning in her thank you post on Instagram.

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"Love you," the rock star thanked the music giant bulletin board for naming her the first female rock artist in 2021. The bulletin board chart proves the artist’s musical success among fans (this is the most important for some artists.)

The chart calculates the entire music stream, broadcast impact, and sales, so some people think this is the highest verification. Regardless, Cyrus thanks you for your approval.

The award-winning actress and musician reveled in a pleasant memory on her Instagram. In 2014 (seven years ago), she made the headlines of Art Basel, and fans called it an unforgettable night. Miley recounted her turbulent year, laughed at her music, and performed very well in her shiny silver wig!

She posted a photo of this fun night with the title "Art Basel 7 years ago". In the eight-slide post, she wore a fragile rainbow-colored postbox over silver leggings. On the fourth slide there is a huge rainbow with Miley's head on it.

On November 29, the LOL actress sent another reply to her 153 million Instagram followers. This time, she remembered the days when she smoked. The post is a blurry photo of a billboard-certified rock star spraying smoke from a pipe.

She again captioned the article "11 years ago. (Smoking emoji.)" Maybe not broken like a heart singer is suggesting Miley's return in 2010-2014, or she is just reminiscing about her wild years . Either way, more than 2 million fans approve it.