Dua Lipa, Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga all love these towering platforms-Inquisitr

2021-12-08 05:37:46 By : Ms. linda HAXIAO

It's no secret that Lady Gaga likes platform heels. The higher they are, the better. For most of her career, she has been wearing the iconic Pleaser platform boots strutting, but now it seems that a new shoe brand has captured Mother Monster's love of fashion.

This brand is D'Accori. Due to the desire for charm after the blockade, the popularity of its towering platform sandals has risen sharply this year. In addition to Gaga, fashion celebrities such as Dua Lipa and Ariana Grande also saw the brand's high heels on their feet.

In the promotional film for her new film Gucci House, Gaga has carried out a large number of clothing displays from London to Milan, from New York to Los Angeles. During a screening in London on November 10th, the star who played Patrizia Reggiani in the film swayed on a pair of D'Accori "Belle" bronze platform with lace-up uppers and eye-catching hourglass-shaped high heels. These look like they are designed for Gaga, who loves platforms, and they are also perfect for her tight-fitting hollow dresses!

Hint: This is not a whole!

When D'Accori was launched this year, Grande quickly got her first pair. Thanks to U, Next singer also chose the color of "Belle" because it sparkles, so the label describes it as "Galaxy Black". Grande appeared on D'Accori's Instagram, wearing fashionable shoes, pure black tights and a short skirt with silver sequins. She must like these shoes very much, because she bought another pair, this time with lavender blonde hair, to be worn in the October episode of "The Voice of America".

Another celebrity fan of D'Accori "Belle" platform? In September, Dua Lipa, who likes Grande, chose a pair of lavender blondes to date her boyfriend Anwar Hadid in New York. The floating singer looks very fashionable in fashionable high heels, a denim corset with pearl embellishments and matching straight jeans. By the way, "Belle" is not the only D'Accori shoe approved by Dua Lipa. She was also seen wearing the brand's "Roux" high heels.

With fans of Gaga, Grande and Lipa, we might as well call D'Accori the "Belle" new It shoe. However, high heels over five inches can hurt your ankles. Apart from these three, are there anyone else who can really walk comfortably? In this Vogue article, Mo D'Accori, the founder of the brand, described them as "super comfortable" because although they look thick, they are not heavy at all. "The way [shoes] complement the feet and legs is my entire vision," he said. "I hope women feel great."